Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thank God for Cold Medicine!

Well the cold season is officially upon us, my classes have been half full, people around me are dropping like flies to either simple colds or full on flues, and I have come down with a nasty cold that is making it hard for my poor little brain to work (hence the lack of posts for this week). So on this weekend day, I would like to give a big old thank God to cold medicine for helping me be at least a little bit sane while my parents are in town, I am still trying to get some work done, and while I am fighting this awful cold. So thank you God for the creation of cold medicine and thank you in advance for making this cold a short one (right??? wink wink!!!)

Also, I promised to give an additional shout out to my friends over at Sun Cleaners for their awesome new halloween mixtape that you can download for free. Thats right people, awesome music for free!!!! You can't beat that with a bat!

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