Sunday, February 22, 2009

gracias por las pelculias

at the risk of sounding like a few cheesy speeches tonight at the oscars, i'd like to spend a little time being grateful for the moving pictures.

i just saw slumdog millionaire. i really liked it. i know there are a few of you out there that are poo pooing it as predictable and some go as far as exploitative. presently, my feelings about these criticisms are just b/c a plot does not twist away from what you expect does not make it boring and just b/c a film is filmed in a developing country does not make it manipulative. though if you have a stronger argument for either, i would like to hear it.

anyway, it is cliche to say movies take to you places you wouldn't go otherwise (it's in the script for tonight i'm sure).... but it's true... so i said it again.

i assume that most of you know where to go to see slumdog so instead i offer up a fabulous filmmaker that is also a close friend of mine: beth botshon. check out her clips, you won't be disappointed (sorry it's so hard to stay away from the cliche):

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no debates from you readers yet, but here are some arguments:

also, anyone else know some great, but under-recognized filmmakers the rest of us should know about