Friday, July 17, 2009

3 more things that make me ARG

this is a bit of personal blog entry, but hopefully most of you can relate.

1. cancer! ARG. ok on a population-wide level you are pretty interesting (hence my research)... but when it comes to people i love: I HATE YOU... and all your pre-cancerous babies. stay away from my peoples or i'm gonna just research you away (heh, in my dreams).

2. companies that suck Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel Co., Ballard Chamber of Commerce, Seattle Marine Business Coalition, Ballard Oil Company, North Seattle Industrial Association, and the Ballard Interbay Northend Manufacturing & Industrial Center YOU SUCK, for signing onto this lawsuit. i'm sorry, but the inconvienence of less parking, loud construction vehicles and a few days less of business is a bs reason to stop the construction of a bike trail where there is a a known health hazard to bike commuters (of which i'm guesstimating there are over a thousand that go through this area a week). i hope your case gets thrown out of court.

3. ok, this is my personal opinion and that of a my lovely friend sms (a member of the u of c hottie zone): unless you are jewish, you do not get to make jewish jokes, at least around us... unless we know you well enough to hit you, if you went too far... i am not religious and i not am observant, but being jewish is my, and many other people's, ethnicity. so when you make jokes about it, just think, would you make the same level of joke about a hispanic/asian-american/african-american if they were here? i know, some of these jokes are really funny, b/c, for one, they have been honed over the years. but, just like jokes about other ethnicities they also can make people angry, feel put into a box they don't fit into, or just want to hit you. (the "you" here is, of course a very general you, and not directed necessarily at anyone of you wonderful readers)

phew, now all that's off my chest i feel much better. have a lovely weekend readers.

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