Friday, July 10, 2009

sometimes it really is that simple...

a little birdy (who happens to be a liberal-minded lawyer) remarked to me that the only reason the supreme court heard the CT firemen case was to make sotomayer "look stupid" prior to her congressional hearings. i didn't exactly believe it at the time... but now i'm starting to think either she was right, or the world is full of very interesting coooooincidences.

for those you that didn't keep up with this case, the short of it is, there was a test given to new haven firemen for promotion. the top scorers were all of white race (though by ethnicity, one was hispanic, but who's counting...) for fear of being sued for discrimination the new haven-ite higher-ups decided to scrap the exam. the lower court (with sotomayer presiding) ruled in favor of the city. the supreme court ruled in favor of the fireman whose exams were scrapped. however the majority ruling was muddled as discussed in this article and my favorite justice ever wrote a strong minority opinion (see this absolutely awesome interview of her from the nyt mag)

i want to be clear here, i'm not expressing an opinion on the case and neither was the little birdy. instead, i'd like to point out that is an interesting coincidence that one of these firemen will now be called during the congressional hearings. yes, and i mean that in the way fox new anchors use it... interrrresting...
article about calling the fireman

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