Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Abstinence only education?!?

As I am wont to do I was reading Savage Love the other day (thanks Dan Savage for being so freaking awesome) and came across a little rant by Dan about the ineffectiveness of abstinence only education and a rise in anal sex among teenagers and young adults. There are way to many things wrong with abstinence only ed for me to go into all of them here. But my particular bone to pick is the lack of information being given to kids about the potential for disease transmission with sex acts outside of the realm of vaginal sex. I mean abstinence only education doesn't cover the fact that there are other ways to have sex at all, let alone get into the risks involved in those other methods. Additionally, kids are now having anal sex as a way to preserve their virginity and not get pregnant without taking into account the fact that there is an increased risk of STDs and HIV with this type of sex. I am all for people having whatever kind of sex they want as long as they are informed and safe about it. Abstinence only education is clearly not cutting it!

Savage Love in all its ranting glory

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More Dan Savage, taking on Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council:

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