Monday, December 15, 2008

why does the grey lady allow dumb articles like this one?

the dating article from nyt

hotpants: i have no idea what to write about today. i'm gonna comment on this nyt article first.
hotstuff: which article? the dating one? that would be a good thing to rant about
hotpants: yeah i think it's totally dumb
hotstuff: for realz
hotpants: oh comments aren't being accepted anymore. guess i have to blog about it.
ok here all the things i find wrong this article
1. overblown conclusions
2. dating is probably on the rise thanks to internet dating
3. only one expert quoted
4. the gender equality statement is bullshit
- women want relationships, men don't, total idiocy
- there is probably more gender equality b/c woman aren't waiting for men to ask them out
5. just b/c you don't date as a teenager, it doesn't mean you won't later
6. there is nothing wrong w/ learning stuff from hooking up (ie how to hook up)
7. why should we play "marriage" in our teens
ok got anything else?
hotstuff: oh man. could there be anything else?
hotpants: 8. why is it bad to learn dating lessons later in life when you know better who you are.
oh now i'm mad
hotstuff: and why is it implied that you have to date at all?
hotpants: hehe
hotstuff: oh man. i can't wait to read the post. this is going to kick so much ass
hotpants: i'm gonna write it just like this chat.


ziptie said...

I can totally see you saying all that stuff, too. :)

Anonymous said...

I am a 29-year old woman and I say, PHEW to this article. No more dating, hook ups ALL THE WAY.

Thank you, NYTimes, bring it on.

Anonymous said...

i am a super hott 28 year old lady and i love hooking up AND dating... why does it have to be either-or? great post.

Anonymous said...

i still say hook-up first, then date. WAY less pressure!

hotpants said...

to all you anonymous posters... thanks for opinions... keeeeeeeep 'em coming... we love them.

fyi, in the future, if you wanna give yourself a name you can click the radio button above anonymous and call yourself whatever... like "crazy cool sexy 28 year old"