Saturday, December 20, 2008

thank god for air travel

both hotpants and hotstuff are out east for the holidays (separate parts of it. boo.). and so, i am very grateful that on a day when much of the country was being blanketed with snow, it was possible to get from our beautiful neighborhood on the west coast to our lovely hometowns in less than a day and in one piece. thank goodness for air travel in general, which has helped me live where i want to live and still see friends and family all over the country (and travel to awesome places where i knew no one too!)

...even if it is bulk of my carbon footprint...

calculate carbon footprint here

i'm a 15, what about you?


Notorious said...

for real, thank god for carbon and the ability to travel out east to see family and friends!!!

ThePeat said...

14. Mostly cuz I live in a house.