Thursday, December 25, 2008


not being a christian, today's holiday activities for me include a chinese food meal and a movie (and celebrating my late grandmother's bday... given to her by the folks at ellis island)

just like most people (or sons of god if you will...) there are good and bad things to say about jesus. but whenever i get really down on the religion organized around him, i try to remember one conversation i had w/ a very religious, christian friend. we were talking about how to help another friend of ours, in detail. we came to the very same conclusions. she got there through jesus's teaching and me, through whatever guides my decisions (hook and crook). really, among people that care about each other, there are more things that should bring us together than apart. often it's more complicated than that of course, but there are times i like to think it's not.

merry christmas.

a great story from "this american life" about an evangelical preacher labeled a heretic when he decided there was no such thing as hell


Notorious said...

gotta say that hotpants hits it right on the head with this one! happy holidays from the other half of kz ne!

Notorious said...

oh and i promise a glorious return to RUTHEREGODWTF when i get back to regular computer access!!!! Sorry about the minor break!

Neil said...

hook and crook -- i like it!