Monday, December 22, 2008

Rick Warren? Really?!?

As most of you know I could not love our fair president-elect more if I tried. Unfortunately, like any good love we have hit a bump in our relationship. Obama has announced that Evangelical Minister Rick Warren will be giving the invocation at the inauguration. I recognize that this is a nod towards the conservatives in the country and that this is Obama's way of being inclusive, but this is a minister who is against abortion rights and the rights of LGBT people around the country. Some may call me a liberal elite, but really what is wrong with trusting people to make their own decisions about their lives and who they want to couple with? Are they hurting anyone? Isn't this type of discrimination against women and LGBT people really against the message of love thy neighbor?

So what do you think readers? Is this a wise move on Obama's part? Should we accept this as just an appeasement to the other side and overlook it? Or should Obama have taken a stand about these issues now that he is elected?

Politico Article about the choice

Slate article about Rick Warren

Website where you can take action


ziptie said...

Interesting bits of commentary on Obama's choice. Short version: he knows what he's doing. It costs him very little, and begins to bring evangelicals into the inclusive tent and may get them to focus less exclusively on hot-button issues.

See the bottom of the pages:

ThePeat said...

Here is my dear Mr. Hodgman has this to say: