Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tell us something we don't know!

So in an interview with Charlie Gibson our most fantastic President Bush finally admitted that he was not prepared for the war in Iraq, was sorry about the economic crisis, and thought that his presidency probably helped elect Barack Obama! I mean the final two of these seem pretty obvious. He should be sorry about the economic crisis, and hells yeah he probably helped to elect Obama (one of the only good things he has done in my opinion). But to say that he was unprepared for the war in Iraq now, after years of his "we need to stay the course" and "we are winning" rhetoric, WTF???? It is always good to be reflective of the deeds you have done, but couldn't he have reflected a bit earlier? Wouldn't a little reflection have potentially helped us deal with this insane war earlier?

Click here to see a transcript from this interview

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