Wednesday, January 14, 2009

3 new WTFs.

a couple of days ago i got back from a really great vacation feeling pretty great. i was happy about the new year, definitely looking forward to an obama administration and basically thinking that i might not have a WTF to write about... lo and behold i have 3.

1.israel bombs palestine in a disproportionate response to hamas and aims at civilians that have absolutely no where to flee. according the a commentator (found by jon stewart who was in a similar mood as i was on his return from vacation), israel is trying to get its licks in before the obama administration. wtf.
daily show episode

2. the recession is still marching on. boo. i know things could be a lot worse, but it pisses me off that some of my most intelligent, talented and well-educated friends are being laid-off and/or stuck in limbo looking for work.

3. there is a sexist, calvinist preacher in my neighborhood preaching scary things to kids who just want to feel like they belong.
nyt mag article about mars hill

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natkingkole said...

wtf 2 is the most important. intelligent, or should i say, BRILLIANT, friends, need work. like asap. or they may go crazy and show up on a certain couch in seattle.

wtf 1 is pretty important too. ~1000 gazans dead. is proportional violence such a terrible rule by which to abide? are gazan lives really less valuable than others?

i have to say though, i'll care more about that wtf 1 thing when someone settles wtf 2 for me... because it is a selfish world.

just for the record, i'm kind of kidding about that last comment.