Monday, January 12, 2009

The wit of a good insult!

So a little while ago I wrote a blog posting about the art and brilliance of some good teasing. This one is going to be along the same lines. While I agree that insults are meant to sting and inflict a wound and can be highly damaging to the receiver, don't they sometimes play an important role? Why are people so afraid to defend themselves these days? And what happened to the celebration of a good witty insult? I feel like people shy away from insulting other people on all fronts even when the person really does need a sharp kick in the pants! Sometimes isn't a good insult both funny, witty, and important in terms of letting someone know that what they have done is truly wrong?

I don't know about you, dear blog readers, but sometimes a good insult is just what the doctor ordered!

NYT Opinion Article with some truly impressive insults


natkingcole said...

dear zoe,

this is a PERFECT moment to tell you:

you are too tall and, since you are from the suburbs, you are superficial. so, no more plucking of your eyebrows. it needs to stop.

also, i feel that you need to work on your spirituality - a silent retreat may be in order, okay? like amidst treehouses and patchouille in that hippy state of yours. people can teach you about spirituality there - let them, already! please.

and, well, there's this public health thing... do you think it's self-indulgent? i mean, are you just trying to fix diseases and stuff because you are from the suburbs? do you feel guilty?

and um, your hair is too long. it's distracting.

z said...

well you do like my hair short that is true...