Friday, January 9, 2009

thank god for almost everyone being willing to give directions

ok long title i know... but seriously... i would be lost (literally) if people, particularly in latin america, weren't so happy to give directions to the market, the bus station, the baño...etc. i once had an idea to take pictures of all these people and make a book out of it, but that was on my first trip abroad. little did i realize how many people would be included (and how boring the book would be). anyway, thank goodness for these direction givers and thank you again to each of you (though you are probably not reading our blog).

anyone else have a story about getting the right or wrong directions?

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natkingcole said...

You should STILL do that book! a Photo book. brilliant. I have lots of stories of people picking me up from highways, and guiding me through forests in LatAm. And those people probably saved my directionless life. Do a book, Zo, or hottie. Make our saviors known!